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We teach you how to use pinterest to grow your business

Helping you make a bigger impact in the lives of your audience.

Tired of taking courses with no results?


You're tired of hustling on social media


Keeping up with "whats" working feels like a full time job


No one is joining your email list


Online store sales aren't where you need them

Stop wasting time & money on marketing hacks that don’t bring you the traffic you need.

Define & target your audience

We define who your audience is on Pinterest & go after them.

Build a solid foundation

Prepare your Pinterest & website to convert cold traffic into hot leads.

Dial up what's working

Watch sales & traffic improve as we hone in on what really works.

We know what it feels like

to create content & get exactly zero eyeballs on it. Thats why we have spent years learning, testing & implementing with Pinterest. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours go from hiding in the back to standing loud & proud in the front row. We will guide you to better understanding what your audience & create a remarkable stream of traffic & sales. Book a call today if you have any questions.

Which Pinterest course is right for you?

Here at Heather Farris & Co. we have created a number of small digital products to make the education easier to consume and meet you where you are in your journey. Not everyone wants a full Pinterest course. We keep all of our courses up to date and are constantly looking for ways to improve them.

Pinterest Power Up

Pin Power Up is a no-fluff strategy on how to craft a Pinterest Strategy from a high level. This is the mold I create all of my 1:1 clients strategies from. We go into the pillars of a strategy that you need to put into place as well as how to read your analytics.

Perfect Pin Blueprint

Perfect Pin Blueprint is perfect for someone who needs a better understanding of how to make Pinterest images that people actually click on. We nerd out over buyer journey & user intent inside this training. You even get some bonuses inside here you’ll love!

Pinterest System

Perfect Pinterest System is a system we use in our agency for all of our clients. You have a strategy but need a better system to implement and stay on top of what content to promote & when? This is one of those things you wish you could have seen earlier.

Pinterest Image Templates

Pinterest Image Templates are Canva templates we designed for our clients & students inside our full Pinterest course and decided to allow the public to purchase those seperately. We also include a training on how to use Canva & add new templates monthly.

Need Full Pinterest Courses?

Pin Profit Plan

Pin Profit Plan is our full length organic Pinterest course that will take you from knowing NOTHING about Pinterest to knowing #allthethings. We cover everything from content planning & creation to creating Pinterest images, reading analytics & more. You also get a full Tailwind course that I do not sell publicly as part of your purchase.

Pin Practical Promotions

Pin Practical Promotions is a full length Promoted Pins course my friend Monica sells. I have taken this course at least 2x per year since she released it & she’s always updating it. I’m also a mentor in her membership group where I help creatives like you with their promoted pin campaigns. If you want to learn Promoted Pins this is your resource.

At Heather Farris & Co. we know you are the kind of business owner that wants to impact the lives of your customers. In order to make a bigger impact in the world you need more eyeballs on your content. The problem is lack of strategy for how to get your audience to see your content. Which leaves you feeling frustrated. We believe your amazing content doesn’t deserve to sit & collect digital dust. We understand just how much energy & time it takes to create those blogs, videos & products. Thats why we have spent years testing strategies on hundreds of accounts. Here’s how it works… Step one, choose your course & get enrolled.. Step two, implement everything you learn. Step three, dial those efforts in on what is working. So whether you’re needing a full Pinterest course or just bite sized training you have options… so you can stop hustling & start thriving in business.

Work With Us

We are a dedicated digital team serving clients from all over the world. Learn more about our team & how we can help to serve your business & audience. If you’re ready to hand your marketing off consider us your Pinterest Marketing Department.