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learn how to get more traffic…

Even if you are feeling stuck and tired of social media & google.

fast strategic traffic

Building a business is a BIG deal. Growing that business into something that is profitable takes A LOT of time & work. It’s no secret that Google SEO takes a long time to grow. It’s also no secret that social media is notorious for not giving business pages visibility.

Let me guess…

You launched your blog, YouTube channel, eCommerce shop or podcast and you just aren’t getting the traffic you’d like. Everyone promised you it would be so easy. Publish the content and they will come, right?

You’ve tried Facebook share threads. You’ve tried working on Google SEO… You may have even tried Pinterest but to no avail.

Still nothing is happening and Google Analytics isn’t reporting traffic which means you are no closer to applying for ads or making money than you were when you started.

You’re doing the work. I see you doing the work. I was once in your seat. You are watching other people make it work.

What if you could gain traffic to your hard work without spending every moment of your workday on social media?

So what can you do?

What if you had a roadmap to consistently grow your traffic, make sales, and get those email signups you want?

Here’s what your business could look like…

  • You create content based on what you know your audience wants & they actually consume it.
  • You start to enjoy social media again because you aren’t on it so often that it feels like it’s sucking the life out of you.
  • You feel good about sitting down to work on your business because you know what to do, when to do it and why you’re doing it.
  • You aren’t overwhelmed with all of the marketing advice from everyone promising fast results and quick money.
  • You’re motivated because you are finally seeing results in the form of sales, email list growth and website traffic.

It seems so far off, right?

I was there too until I found the true power of Pinterest. But it wasn’t just filling my Tailwind queue so I felt like I had pins going out each week.

Between trying to learn Pinterest, Google SEO, social media and email marketing, I was feeling burnt out. When I took a step back and put my energy into learning Pinterest I finally started to see a change in my traffic, sales and email list.

Once I got a steady stream of traffic I was able to start building an audience. That audience started telling me what they needed and I was able to provide it. That’s when I started seeing real growth with my website. It’s also when my clients started seeing growth on their sites too!

I have always known Pinterest is one of the most valuable marketing platforms for my business, but the idea of keywords, SEO, Pinterest-friendly images….it all felt overwhelming. Heather simplified the process of making beautiful, pin-worthy content AND taught me how to write the best descriptions & keyword my pins. Now, Pinterest is my highest traffic referrer by a long shot and I get several daily opt ins to my email list through my pins!

Samantha Munoz

Sam Munoz Consulting, LLC

Introducing Pin Profit Plan

Pin Profit Plan is a self-paced Pinterest Marketing course that is designed for e-commerce, video creators, bloggers and more!

This step-by-step program is designed to help you ditch the overwhelm and start building a strategic marketing plan for your business.

Pin Profit Plan will take you through building a solid foundation on Pinterest. Then we layer on creating Pinterest images, finding keywords, strategic pinning and more.

This might sound like just another Pinterest Marketing course… but it’s so much more.

The biggest problem with most Pinterest courses are the updates. Most of these courses are created, but are not continually updated.

If you’re investing in a course you want to know you aren’t learning out of date marketing principles. When you enroll in Pin Profit Plan you will get regular course updates!

Hey, I’m Heather!

I’m an accountant and bookeeper turned blogger turned Pinterest Strategist. It wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling with getting my content found on Pinterest. I struggled hardcore with creating images and understanding the analytics.

When I started blogging I read all the free blog posts about getting my posts found on Pinterest.

They were all the same….

Sign up for Tailwind, pin regularly, use keywords…

They were all the same post regurgitated over and over again. You’ve seen them too, right?

I thought these posts that promised hundreds of thousands of page views were going to show me some secret way to get found.

But they didn’t.

When I started as a Pinterest manager I did what everyone was telling me to do and it just wasn’t working.

So I had to figure it out. With a lot of testing, a lot of research and a lot of consuming content on Pinterest I figured out how to get my pins and my clients pins to the top of the search.

I started using Pinterest when it was brand new so I went back to what I had learned as a user.

That strategy that I’ve found through nearly 10 years of using Pinterest is what I’ll walk you through in Pin Profit Plan.

I am passionate about Pinterest and I want to bring it to your business.

But what do I get Heather?

  • Step by step training videos showing you how to start, build and grow your Pinterest marketing strategy ($297 value)
  • How to create pins that people will actually click on ($97 value)
  • How to market your pins not only from your blog but from other platforms as well. Hello repurposing content on Pinterest! ($197 value)
  • How to read your analytics and actually understand them ($97 value)
  • A getting started checklist to quickly follow for those foundational items ($27 value)
  • The Perfect Pin Blueprint guide which walks you through how to create pins for your brand ($37 value)
  • Platform specific tech tutorials showing you extra how to’s ($67 value)
  • Analytics worksheet that I use for my client accounts ($97 value)
  • Pin templates so you can jumpstart creating pins ($35 value)
  • A bonus Tailwind course teaching you the entire automation strategy you need ($197 value)


Custom Analytics Dashboard

Value $9.99

Content Planning & Repurposing Workshop

Value $97

Pinterest Templates for Canva

Value $148

Tailwind Course & Strategy

Value $148

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Frequently asked questions

Will I get immediate access to the course?

Yes, you get immediate access to Pin Profit Plan and once you hit the automation module in the course you gain access to Pin Automation Secrets (my signature Tailwind course) totally free to you.

Do you offer a happiness guarantee?

Yes, your happiness and success is my priority so I want you to let me know within 14 days if you are unhappy. I will refund your money and remove your access to the course.

How is the course delivered?

Each lesson is comprised of either text or video but nearly every lesson is a video with a synopsis and supporting links/worksheets.

Some of my results

I started our travel blog ( in June of 2018 and published 5 blog posts and put 1 pin each on Pinterest. The site gained an average of 2300 sessions from June of 2018 to March of 2019. I started using Tailwind in March of 2019 and from there our pageviews doubled by April and by August of 2019 we had over 10,000 consistent pageviews. This is on a website less than 1 year old only utilizing Pinterest for traffic.

I took over this client account in October of 2018 and by January (when people who are using their RVs are usually back home for the winter) her traffic increased big time. An average day before I took over came in at 350 sessions… when I took over the average day was 750+ with peaks around 1350 sessions on really really good days. She was able to apply for Mediavine ads on her website!

I took over this account in September of 2019 and in just one month of managing her account we doubled her sessions and they just continue to grow as we head into the holiday season.


Imagine waking up to your Google Analytics showing your traffic has grown massively and you’ve actually got people on your site consuming your content?

What if you were to login to your affiliate dashboard and see sales with earned commission because of pins you’re creating and sharing on Pinterest? Would you jump for joy?

Let’s do this, friend! I’m here to help push you… to teach you and to guide you.

Learn from someone
Who has done it.

I know you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed right now thinking about fitting another course into your life.

Will I use it? Will I implement it? Will it actually help me?

I’m here to pat you on the back and tell you that yes… if you implement it, it can work for you.

Taking another course isn’t something I would normally tell my friends to do. In fact, I personally am very selective in the courses I enroll in. But I know if I would have taken a course sooner on Pinterest that was like this one I would have succeeded much sooner!

I want you to be proud of the results you get from this program. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Enroll Now & save $53 when you pay in full.

Enroll Now & Save $30!



(one payment of $167)


Enroll Now for $83.50!



(two payments of $83.50)